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The Horrible Gamerz hit 50 episodes, it was a miracle that we made it 10, but 50? Not sure how that happened...Brinkofeternity, CptnHook, KingofZed, T...View Details

KingofZed, theycallmeiams, and BrinkofEternity have an in depth discussion about that the beast that is Mortal Kombat X. Join the discussion at www.fa...View Details

This week on HGzP, theycallmeiams, TragicZeroX, KingofZed, and BrinkofEternity gather round to discuss Neverwinter, BLOPS 3, the current state of gami...View Details

BrinkofEternity, Theycallmeiams and Kingofzed return for week 48 of the Horrible Gamerz to talk about what they have been playing from Bordlerlands 2,...View Details