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The Horrible Gamerz return for another week discussing what they have been playing (in depth even) as well as other things such as spiders, New Zealan...View Details

Happy 21st! The Horrible Gamerz have made it our 21st show and we chose to celebrate with beer drinking (some of us did, ok, 1 of us did, no prize for...View Details

The Horrible Gamerz return with a friend this week to discuss Gamescom and other gaming events and stories from the week. We had some early issues wit...View Details

The Horrible Gamerz return to discuss their week in gaming including such enlightening topics as experiences with Battlefield 4, Borderlands 2, Titanf...View Details

The team at Horrible Gamerz (most of them anyway) are back together for another week of games discussions. Battlefield and more EA stuff is dicussed a...View Details