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The Horrible Gamers Podcast was founded in 2014 by a group of friends eager to let the world know their opinions on games. The original founders included Jesus Gonzalez(JesusWalksAlot), Shawn Fuller (Iams), Daniel Boden (BrinkofEternity), Jacob Rush(TragicZeroX), Rob McQueen(KingofZed) and Jim Piper(Cptn Hook). In the beginning HGP was actually HGzP as the crew spelled gamers with a Z instead of a S in the end. After a couple years the HGP managed to establish themselves with a solid community of gamers around them. With over 20k downloads and becoming a part of The All Games Network, HGzP was flying high. Shortly after that in summer 2016 the crew had major scheduling conflicts and disagreements with the direction of the podcast. It seemed the time had come with a announcement the show was declared over, or was it? Soon after Jesus decided to re brand HGzP as HGP choosing to drop the Z for a S then he started scouting. He found three new people to reboot the show with, in July 2016 a month after HGzP had announced it was over HGP came back! Now with new Hosts Henley Merrill(GunnyChief), Ryan Gibson(Gib8777) and Eric Smith(SaintNippolas) and Jesus the show got a much needed reboot. A year after Ryan Gibson left the podcast due to having a baby with his wife. Eric Smith also announced he soon would be having a newborn child as well. HGP got a new Host once again welcoming Steve Willier(The Mayo) as a full time host in June 2019. The show continues to thrive with downloads weekly across the Globe from The USA to EU and all the way down to NZ. Find it on your favorite podcast platform!








 Jesus Gonzalez

Founder and Creator of The Horrible Gamers. I have  been playing games since I was a child when my mother would help guide me in Zelda A Link To The Past and whoop my ass in some Pac-Man. My passion is gaming! I love the people who I have met through gaming and the entire industry as a whole has now become a phenomenon, I remember hearing from parents "gaming is a waste of time" but look at gaming now..It is not only a major entertainment outlet, it is on pace to be the world's main entertainment in the near future! That is why I love podcasting about games whether it is discussing what I have been playing lately to the current news in the gaming industry I enjoy it all, every week and look forward to many more years of podcasting for you. 

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