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Everyone made it this week, enjoy! **Voicemail (504)475-4497******Join us on LIVE on Twitch, Saturday nights at 7/730pm PT Details

***Voicemail***(504)475-4497 This we Rob, Daniel, Shawn and Jim talk about videogames! Mostly Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 4, and Call of Duty Bla...View Details

HGP#77- Kombat Kids

This week Ted Bracewell "drops" by to talk his massive hit of an animation: Kombat Kids! We talk some video games which include Call of Duty Black Ops...View Details

Normii Late drops by for an hour to hang with Jim, Shawm, Jesus and Daniel to talk video games! Which includes Lego Dimensions, Lego-con type stuff, X...View Details