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Shaw, Jesus and Rob were joined by Fred Rojas (Gaming History 101 and The B-Team) we talked a bunch of video games. The Division beta, Rise of The Tom...View Details

HGP#86- The B-Team’rz

Jesus and Shawn were joined by Eli Oliveras aka Sodoom*TheRealSodoom (Knuckleballer Radio, B-Team) and Chip Cella aka Captain Chaos (B-Team, Agents of...View Details

HGP#85- No Not Today!

Jesus and Shawn were joined by Henley Merrill aka Gunnychief to talk some video games. We talked Ea Access coming to PC, Respawn working on a new game...View Details

Rob, Shawn, Jesus and Brink talk video games. Lots of them. Including Just Cause 3, Batman Arkham Knight season pass content, Oculus Rift, Assassins C...View Details