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HG#91- Gunny no doubt

Shawn and Jesus were joined by Henley Merrill aka GunnyChief this week. We talk video games like usual. Dying Light The Following DLC, Fallout 4, Hitm...View Details

This is the BS episode we recorded after episode #90. We were joined by Becca (Brink's wife) enjoy!!!!

#90- The Reunion

ALL of the original Horrible Gamerz were on this week (Tragic, Brink, Cpt Hook, Rob, Jesus, iams) to talk about life and videogames. Had a special dr...View Details

This week Jesus and Shawn were joined by Normii Late (Knuckleballer Radio, Zombie Cast, The Social Dozen) and Derrick H (Editor and Chief of AllGames....View Details

#88- The Gibs!

Rob, Jesus, and Shawn were joined by friend of the show Ryan Gibson. AKA Gib8777. On todays episode we talk lots of video games, which include Red Dea...View Details