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HGP Spotlight-BJSwick33

This show the HGP Canadian and Jesus are joined by Former This Xbox Life podcast Host Brun. We discuss gaming, his time with TXL and where he sees gam...View Details

HGP#188 On The High Sea

This week Jesus, Ryan, and Henley bring back Johnathan Hall (Penpointred) and we talk about Monster Hunter World, Sea of Thieves,  Mutant Football ...View Details

HGP Spotlight-Mpolo

Another spotlight this time Marcus Polanco AKA Mpolo joins us to discuss PC gaming. What made him convert to the dark side and his favorite games. Wai...View Details

This week the HGP crew gets together and talks about Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Golf Story,  Quantum break, COD AW, Pubg, Assassin's Creed Origins, ...View Details

HGP Spotlight-Wingman709

It has arrived the debut Spotlight show! Jesus is joined by Wingman709 from This Xbox Life Podcast to discuss different topics such as Why does Wingm...View Details

HGP#186 That PUBG Life

This week the guys get together and talk about PUBG, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Pressure Overdrive, The Mummy Demastered, Titanfall 2, Pinball FX3, ...View Details

This week the HGP Crew goes through the year of 2017 and gives you their thoughts on Best 4k games, Best Indie, Best Horror Game, Best Story, Big...View Details