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HGP#220 Make You Call

This week Jesus, Ryan and Henley bring on Derreck Blaise (TheBlaiseXPeriance) and talk about Vigor, Dead Cells, Thumper, Graveyard Keeper, PUBG, Sea o...View Details

This week Jesus and Henley talk about Bomber Crew, SWBF2, PUBG fixing their problems, MOMO, Busted Cars  as well as News and Community Questions.   ...View Details

This week Jesus, Ryan, and Henley talk about Dead Cells, Black Ops 4 Beta, OnRush, Vigor, Aces of Luftwaffe, Screamride, Danger zone 2, Forza 7 as wel...View Details

This week Jesus Ryan, and Henley bring on Johnathan Hall from the HGP community and they talk about Sea of Thieves, No Man Sky, Road Rage, Aces of the...View Details