Brun BJ Swick from The "This Xbox Life" podcast was our guest this week. Lots of great conversation happened. We talked video games all around and other stuff. Which included M.Night Shamalamdingdong's The Visit, Forza 6 demo, Mad Max, Until Dawn, Call of Duty Ghosts, Rainbow Six Siege, Windows 10, Uncharted, Just Cause 3, Star Wars Battlefront, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Solid State hard drives, Liquid State hard drives, Silent Hill sirens, picking flowers in Grow Home? Jesus' horrible Metal Gear "preview", This War of Mine, Brink's epic beard keeps growing, Brun has not finished Mass Effect 3...seriously, We are in Brun's "top 100" no joke! Shout out to Uncanny X-Bros! Longest outro EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!

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